Life is all about blogging!

2 May

Here I am after such a long time thinking I should start a blog. “A blog about What” i always asked myself…but for all my friends it was obvious, I should talk about my travels, where to go in Spain, Alicante, in Orange County or Los Angeles in California, in New York and now in Australia. I have been here for 3 years now (yeah!) and so much to tell about it!

I must say, I have been actually “blogging” up to now during all those travels, in my own ways. I have been socialising and spreading the word on good places to go to, tips about what and how to do when you land in a new country and different currency or culture, but also learning myself how to adapt to new lifestyle and people.

All those years have been such a pleasure and eye opener for me, that I wish all those learning were in one places like in this blog 🙂 and in the next posts, I will try to reflect as much as I can all those great things I lived and all the cool things I continue to experience every day in my life in Australia!

Dont hesitate to leave me comments if you are reading me !!


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