New York, I love you!

14 May

I went to the movie tonight to watch “New York, I love you” with Niki (who is from NY actually) and it was so good! Finally a refreshing and thoughtful film! Along the same lines as Paris je t’aime, the film is a collection of different stories happening in “the capital of everything possible”!
It felt really good to be immersed again in this city where I had so much fun when I lived there for a year. It was actually interesting to see how the movie was showing a different image of New York than the one I kept. For me it was probably a much younger attitude, independance, hot dogs and roasted almonds in the street, street works everywhere and this smoke getting out of the ground. New York has also a big latino community, probably my favorite side of NY, but they didnt talk about it. New York for me has the best dating system, so many cosmopolite people, so many restaurant, bars and shows…just so many different possibilities and combinations!

What i really liked about the movie was this old couple that had been together for 63 years and she kept telling him to lift his feet up when walking – they were hilarious!

Anyway, there is also this song I love, can’t stop listening to it or singing it : New York by Alicia Keys!


One Response to “New York, I love you!”

  1. Emi Sugino January 7, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

    Hi Elodie! I hope you remember me. The Japanese girl when you are in Orange County, UCI. Now, i am in New York. I know you wrote the blog last may, but how coinsident is that!! Hope to see you some day and some where in the world!

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