Salmon, spinach & ricotta ravioli

31 Jul

Today, I bought a new little cooking tool: a tool to make ravioli! it was a success!
I made the pasta dough and I really succeeded to make a nice dough this time, I added a bit of olive oil! I think it helped me doing a perfect dough!


Then I prepared the filling for the ravioli. Cooked the spinach in a sauce pan with a bit of water, cut the salmon in square and mix it up with the ricotta.

To make about 50 ravioli, enough for 4 people, you need:
200g spinach
120g smoked salmon
170g ricotta

Mix it up and you get this:


then I used my new ravioli maker which is pretty useful but a bit expensive for what it is doing I must say!


Then you cook it for 4 min in boiling water, add a bit of butter and Parmesan, and serve!
Ross loved it, it was sensational! I will do it again when I have people over!!


One Response to “Salmon, spinach & ricotta ravioli”

  1. maman August 2, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    quelle patience ma chérie pour cette préparation!elle mérite plutôt le nom de RAVIOLES, comme dans les grands restaurants français, car c’est vraiment tout autre chose qu’une boîte de RAVIOLI!!!un grand bravo de ta maman!!!

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