Pretty mood board

21 Apr

I love mood boards! They can be in cork or magnetic to pin stuff you like or you want to remember like wedding invites, letters or postcards you received, lovely notes etc….

I found this idea on pinterest where you can reuse an old cork (and ugly) board and make it look fantastic!

Lucky me Ross had one of these ugly cork board for ages (from before we lived together!) and kept it in the garage! So here is my make over:

Clean the cork board as spray it with a strong glue spray. You have to wait a few minutes to dry a bit.


Then you apply the fabric of your choice on the board, making sure you leave enough length to fold it behind after.

Then, to give it a bit more style and to help stretch the fabric, add some pins all around. I bought some really good quality pins that are strong enough for a hammer but you can buy some other type at any news agency/ stationary shop.


Stick it, fold it well at the back for a nice finish. I have used some little nails to help stretch the fabric nicely at the back.


And here the final result, do you like it?



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