My baby shower

13 May

Today, I had my first baby shower. My wonderful organizing committee prepared a beautiful surprise! Here is the invite:


Marion, Isa, Jess and Louise have been putting a lot of effort into organizing my baby shower and it was a huge success! So many girlfriends turned up and the house looked stunning! Thank you Aude for letting us all invade your house for a few hours!

Here is the committee:


We had some nibbles, tea using Jess’s lovely tea set, home made muffins and a delicious cake that Louise had made in Newcastle for the occasion. The main activity was to create singlets for the baby. The girls had bought a lot of plain singlets and everyone had to write something special on it! Such a cool idea!


And then I opened all the presents, it was overwhelming as all the presents were so pretty and very personal! I really hope the mid-wife was right when she told us we are expecting a girl!


Thank you to everyone that made my baby shower such a wonderful afternoon, full of love and good chats!! I had a great time and I am so happy to have such amazing friends!


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