Lemon meringue tart

16 May

When Ross and I went to Fiji in April this year for our last trip before we are a family, we had plenty of time to relax but also to chat. One night when we were doing random questions to see if we knew each other well, I discovered that his favorite dessert is… A lemon meringue tart! 4 years together and I never knew that! Especially that I have been cooking so many desserts but never a lemon meringue tart!! I felt so embarrassed!
Anyway, back from Fiji, I decided to cook my first lemon meringue tart, with a huge success! Here is the recipe.

First you have to make the dough, so you will need:
250g flour
150g butter (soft)
70g sugar
2 egg yolks
A bit of water

Mix it all in a bowl, spread it on baking paper and place it in the tart tray. Poke a few holes with a folk and put it in the oven at 180C for 15/20min or less, depends on your oven.

Then you have to prepare the lemon mix. You will need:
150g sugar
Juice of 3 lemons
Half a lemon zest
Heat it all in a pan for a few minutes.
Then add:
3 beaten eggs
100g melted butter
1 spoon of almond meal
Increase the heat and continually stir with a wisk the mix until it is thick, be careful not to burn it. See what the mix should look like on the picture below:

Pour the lemon mix in the tart. Your lemon tart is ready! Now you can make it a bit more fancy by adding the meringue, it is actually pretty easy.

3 wished egg white with 100g of icing sugar. Pour the mix on top of the lemon tart and cook for 10 min at 150 C in the oven.

Here you go, the lemon meringue tart is ready, enjoy!


Ross loved it and said there is nothing to change! I even received some feedback from his work colleagues who said:

“Light, fragrant, perfect balance of sweet & sour, exquisite texture and crumbly crust”

“It feels like someone is dancing on my tongue. The crust tastes like shortbread”


One Response to “Lemon meringue tart”

  1. maman May 17, 2012 at 6:27 am #

    bravo Elodie!!! quelle bonne pâtissière!!!bisous

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