Day 1 – Isabelle a 1 jour!

24 Jun

Dimanche 17 juin est la première journée d’Isabelle. Elle a dormi 12 heures d’affile, premieres tétées puis 8 heures d’affiles. C’est facile un nouveau -ne 🙂 Apparemment c’est normal ils dorment beaucoup les premières 24 heures! Le matin en prenant mon petit déjeuné a l’hôpital, elle est vraiment trop belle!

First day for Isabelle on Sunday 17th June, she slept 12 hours straight, then we started our breastfeeding, a learning experience for both of us! But we are pretty good at it! Then slept for another 8 hours, seems easy to have a new-born! But the mid-wives said it is normal for the first 24h that they sleep a lot, and then it will change! This picture was in the morning while having my breakfast, isn’t she beautiful!


Isabelle a eu plein de visites a l’hopital, elle a ete vraiment gatee!

Visit of Leah, Luke, Fletcher, Sue, Leah and Symsie!

Visit of great grand parents Jim & Dot! Isabelle is their 15th great grand child and they are in great form!


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