Happy 2nd Birthday Isabelle!

19 Jun

Isabelle is now 2 years old! As my mum was in Sydney, we decided to throw a little birthday party for Izzie. She has been so keen on birthdays, singing the song often, loving the lollie bags, so we thought she was ready for her own. The invite list was for family at first but quickly grew to her friends and their parents, and we ended up being 60 people in the apartment, including 20 kids & 9 babies. Oh well, we might wait a few years until we organise another birthday party. Isabelle looked so pretty that day (the dress was made by her Mamie Sissi), and she had a blast!
Isabelle is 2
Isabelle a maintenant 2 ans! Comme ma mere etait en Australie, on a decide d’organiser une fete d’anniversaire pour Isabelle. Elle aime tellement les anniversaires, a repeter la chanson et pretendre de souffler les bougies. Elle etait prete pour avoir sa propre fete. La liste des invites etait au debut surtout pour la famille, puis s’est etendue aux copains/copines d’Izzie et parents, et on s’est retrouve a 60 dans l’appartmement, 20 enfants et 9 bebes inclus. On va surement attendre quelques annees avant d’organiser la prochaine fete d’anniversaire! Enfin, Isabelle etait trop mignonne dans sa petite robe faite par sa Mamie Sissi, et elle s’est vraiment bien amusee.
Here we are with the 3 generations!


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